Introducing the Kalypto Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Pump (NPWT)


Wound vacuum pump for non healing wounds

Kalypto NPWT

What is Kalypto?

Kalypto is a pocket sized Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) pump. It’s used to treat a variety of open wounds that are difficult to heal including venous insufficiency wounds, diabetic wounds / ulcers, and pressure wounds. Because of its pocket size and ease of use it can be used by many patients who would not ordinarily be able to receive negative pressure wound therapy.

Pocket size, really?

Yes. The Kalypto wound pump works in conjunction with a proprietary wound dressing. This dressing is pre-assembled using several proven wound healing products. It allows the nurse to change the wound dressing in record time.

No collection canister

In the center of the wound dressing is a super absorbent material that wicks moisture away from the wound. This moisture is pulled into the fibers of the material and is bound in a solid state. Once bound the moisture cannot be moved back into the wound area.

It can handle up to 50cc’s (140cc’ for the large dressings) of moisture pre dressing. If the wound is producing more than this amount of fluid, it may not be appropriate for Kalypto. Once the fluid production is under control (50cc / 140cc) then Kalypto can be applied.

Three weeks on 1 set of batteries

The Kalypto wound pump runs off of AA batteries. Unlike other wound vacuums this pump does need to run constantly to maintain continuous negative pressure. You see, within the wound dressing is a thick gel gasket that surrounds the wound area. This gasket becomes air tight and prevents the vacuum from being breached. Sensors within the wound pump continually monitor the negative pressure. The pump turns itself on and off accordingly to adjust should the pressure change. This allow the unit to use a smaller pump and requires far less power. A single set of batteries can last for up to 3 weeks in the Kalypto wound pump.